Prinsep Ghat


Dusk at Prinsep Ghat, Calcutta
The rise and fall of Calcutta (or as its now called, Kolkata) is inextricably linked to the Hooghly, its beating heart. The river, once the city’s link to the world, is now a far quieter place, and the city itself a shadow of the world centre of commerce, politics and culture it once was. The charm of the river, however, remains intact, and its banks are the perfect place to sit and gaze. Nowhere is this act better performed than at Prinsep Ghat, a riverside promenade dating to the 1840s located under the 1992-built Vidyasagar Setu, then India’s poster infrastructure project. On the water, like a literal link between the centuries, fishing boats float by, oblivious to the tumultuous history around them.

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