Purani Dilli


A cobbler catches up on news in Old Delhi

Delhi is no stranger to ebbs and flows of time, changing hands and fortunes all too often. The city’s rich and voluminous history reads like a Game of Thrones spin off, with an endless succession of invading warlords turned dynastic rulers, many of whom have striven to leave a lasting imprint in the form of citadels, monuments, and even entire settlements, many of them emerging from the same clan at times. The modern day city, thus, remains a jumble of these many layers of history. Its all too easy to turn a corner and bump into a fragment of the past, be it 50 or 5000 years old, sitting untouched in seeming oblivion. One of the best places to experience this is in Old Delhi (which despite the name is actually a fairly recent addition to the city-scape), which still retains a great deal of its 300 year old built fabric by way of winding bazaars, crumbling mansions, and decadent mosques, all rubbing shoulders with more mundane aspects of modern city life.


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