Vieille Ville du Genéve


Somewhere in the old town of Geneva

Geneva is a startling city, with a global impact far greater than its relatively dimunitive size. It remains one of the world’s foremost centres of diplomacy, banking, science and luxury products, and its streets (and even the shores of the Rhône and Lac Léman) are full of the rich and famous from all corners of the world. The city, however, had far humbler beginnings – as a centre for local tribesmen, and eventually christian monasticism. The heart of it all was the Vieille Ville du Genéve, or the Old Town of Geneva. Radiating down a hill from the dramatic St. Pierre Cathedral, the old town remains a maze of cobblestoned streets and gracious townhouses, perfect to get lost in. The Calvinist monks of yore, however, are now replaced by fashionable heirs and heiresses, ducking in and out of bespoke jewellers, watchmakers, and of course, bankers.


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